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Hand date coder


Hand type date coding machine.
Application: Frozen food, meat, seafood, vegetable, herbs, spices…etc. Add inquiry
  • Dates can be changed easily, just take out the ribbon stopper, do not need any tools.
  • 1 ribbon can print 10,000 times.
  • Includes standard letter set: 0-9, 0. - 9., MFG, EXP, LOT…etc.
  • Custom-made letters: café, latte…etc.
  • Ideal for vacuum bag, aluminum bag, coffee bag, sticker, label, paper…etc.
  • Warranty provided.
  • Manufacture of place: Taiwan
Hand type DATE imprinter:
 Model No.  UH-8DA  UH-8DB
 Voltage  110V, 220V  110V, 220V
 Ribbon width  25mm  35mm
 Printing area  22 x 8mm (W x H)  32 x 8mm (W x H)
 Letter size  2 x 3mm  2.5 x 4mm
 Row & quantity  3 rows, 10 letters per rows  3 rows, 13 letters per rows
 Weight  4 kgs  4.5 kgs
 Dimension  250 x 155 x 235mm  250 x 155 x 235mm
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